Parishes & Institutions


The Archdiocese of Imphal has 54 Parishes and has about 76 schools (inclusive lower primary schools) In every diocesan parish there are one or two priests appointed by the Archbishop of Imphal, Manipur for a period five years for the Parish Priests and 1-2 years for Assistant Parish Priests. the tenure can be extended. They are all transferable. By virtue of obedience they follow the order from their Shepherd. The parishes run by religious priests have more personnel.

In every parish there is a convent where religious nuns stay to help the parish and the school. The diocesan priests are ordained and appointed by the Archbishop and the religious priests are ordained by Bishop but appointed by the provincial. The priests and nuns embrace celibacy. They cannot keep property for themselves other than their own personal dresses. They work for the development of the place where they are sent to and leave everything and go to the next place of transfer. They obey their superiors with no complain. They develop the place. They develop the people. But no attachment. The list of parishes are in pdf format. To know in detail kindly open the pdf file.