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Catholic Answers to Questions (32)

(Fr. Sebastian Chelat)  

144. Suicide Cases

               In these days we hear of so many people committing suicide world over including Priests and Religious.  I would like to know why does someone commit suicide?

Suicide takes the lives of thousands of people annually. We must know that for every suicide, it is estimated that an average of six people are intimately affected and many continue to grieve for the departed for years afterwards.  Even more than the mourners of other types of sudden death, these “survivors of suicide” tend to experience an intense bereavement complicated by difficult feelings of guilt and shame. For those who are worried about the possibility of suicide in themselves or others, my answer includes on how to recognize the warning signs and what to do about them.

Why does someone commit suicide?

Although some deceased leave notes which attempt to explain their suicide, generally a number of factors precede such a drastic decision.  Most people who commit suicide are not choosing death itself.  Often they are simply attempting to alleviate severe pain, whether physical or psychological.  They may have tried other, unsuccessful, means of ending their suffering, leaving them with a sense of hopelessness in which suicide becomes a real option to end their anguish.

Commonly, friends and family members of those who have committed suicide become consumed with unanswered questions about why a loved one may have taken his own life.  Though feelings  of guilt resulting from unresolved arguments, or some other failure in the relationship with the deceased, are understandable, they are generally not an accurate explanation of the decision to commit suicide, and can leave a survivor feeling unnecessarily responsible or guilty about something that was, in fact, beyond control.

Often it is not possible to discover with certainty why someone has committed suicide.  Sometimes a mental disorder, perhaps unrecognized, such as depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, substance abuse, or some other mental illness, contributes to the act.  Depression, for example, affects problem-solving abilities and can cause distorted thinking about one’s self-worth.  Other mental illness, such as disorders that cause psychosis, which can distort the sufferer’s perceptions of reality, sometimes result in suicide.  Alcohol and substance abuse also increase the risk that someone might choose to commit suicide.

An accurate understanding of the thought processes which lead an individual to suicide is often difficult, if not impossible, to attain.  Those who commit suicide may feel guilty about the effect that their decision will have on their friends and family, but their pain is such that suicide appears to be the only real option.  Further, mental illness, when present, hinders one’s ability to register the magnitude and impact of such a choice.  Generally, the decision is not a deliberate choice to leave loved one; rather, it is most often an effort to assuage unbearable pain.

What could have been done to prevent this?

            After the suicide of a loved one, family members and friends are often left to deal with a mix of difficult feelings.  In these cases, it is natural for family and friends to question whether they could have prevented the death, and conflicting ideas within a family about the factors leading to a suicide can strain relationships.  Patience with one another is essential, and staying connected without assigning blame – to one’s self or to others – is vital in supporting one another through the grieving.

            As in many other circumstances in life, the best course of action seems obvious when looking back.  Certainly anyone who recognized tendencies towards self-harm in a loved one would take drastic measures to prevent its occurrence.  In hindsight, signs that clearly indicate that a loved one was thinking about suicide may not have been, at the critical time, particularly alarming.  Furthermore, even with extreme vigilance, one cannot always prevent or control what another person chooses.

            It is not uncommon for the loved ones of a suicide victim to assume unwarranted culpability:  “What if I had forced her to get help?”  “What if I had visited more often?”  “If I hadn’t fought with him this morning.”  “If only I hadn’t gone out for the evening.”   For some, these “What – if” thoughts can become obsessive, and are often the most distressing hallmark of grief for the survivors of suicide.  It is normal to replay scenes and conversations with loved ones during the grieving process, but when these self-blaming thoughts pervade, they can cause great harm.  Professional help with managing these thought patterns can be a great aid in moving through one’s grief.

            It is specifically important to remember that committing suicide is an individual decision.  Accepting the free will of others, including their freedom to make a bad decision, can be very difficult.  Although required to prevent tragedy insofar as one is reasonably able, and to be “Our brother’s keeper” when possible, it is not always possible to save loved ones from themselves.  This is not a reflection upon one’s love and care for a person.

            No one can be held accountable for an event that was impossible to foresee.  Even if some mistake was made, it is essential to remember that death was never the intent.  Sometimes those who are planning, suicide seem to feel better once they have decided upon a course of action, because they believe that they have an answer to their problems.  This temporary lift in spirits can give those around them the impression that things have improved, even if the tendency toward suicide was known.  Furthermore, because many people who suffer from depression and anxiety do not commit suicide, failing to anticipate that a love one might decide upon another course of action is not surprising.  Legitimate concerns about personal mistakes should be taken to a priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation for absolution and for his objective view of the situation.

            For many survivors, the level of self-blame is disproportionate to any harm that they may have done.  Self-punishment does not help the deceased, nor does it aid survivors.  Rather, it can be a hindrance to helping and a possible trap of self-contempt and depression.  To combat the temptation to self-punish or to hold onto guilt, try to re-focus:  help others through education in suicide prevention:  reach out to those who may be suffering from suicidal thoughts, or to other survivors who are grieving, choose another issue and channel energies in a constructive manner. Our merciful and loving God does not desire one’s prolonged torment over a suicide or over any tragic event.  He wants His children to be at peace.  If reflecting upon this and other readings, talking to others, and taking everything to the Sacrament of Reconciliation have not eased the feelings of guilt, it is time to look for additional support.  Many have found this support by meeting with a counselor individually, or along with other family members, or by becoming involved with a bereavement support group, if it exists in your parish.  These group members will be familiar with the struggles particular to survivors of suicide.  It is fine to begin by listening to others at group meetings, but eventually being able to share one’s personal experiences with those who truly understand can be a great relief and consolation. (to continue…

Hearty Congratulations

 Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Parvis John

Mantripukhri, September 9, 2021: The Diocesan priests of the Archdiocese of Imphal, Manipur heartily congratulates Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Parvis John, for successfully defending his Ph.D Thesis entitled "Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009: the Impact and Challenges on the Schools in Manipur" on 09th September 2021, under the supervision of Dr. R K Behera, Principal, Livingstone Foundation International College, Dimapur Nagaland, and earning the Doctoral degree thereof from ICFAI University, Nagaland. He is a priest of the Archdiocese of Imphal and hails from Chingjaroi Khullen Village OF Ukhrul District. Presently he is the Principal of St. Joseph College, Ukhrul. We wish Fr. (Dr.) Parvis John all the best in his future endeavors. 



Rev. Fr. (Dr. Sebastain Karrottupuram SDB

Mantripukhri, September 05, 2021: Chief Minister N Biren Singh honoured Fr (Dr) Sebastian Karrottupuram, Principal of a HOME DECOR FOR LIVING ROOMS Don Bosco College, Maram recognising his outstanding performance and selfless contribution towards advancing Quality Education and Transforming Academic Management in the Higher Educational Institutes in Manipur. Under his abled leadership, the college has climbed a ladder of success not only in the State but also in the entire country. Scaling academic heights and excellence in all round development of students, Don Bosco College, Maram has achieved a milestone, which no other college in Manipur has achieved so far. Scoring the highest ever NAAC points, the college since its inception in 2001 has become a brand producing the highest numbers of toppers in Manipur University till date.

DBC Maram's 3.35 CGPA score is the highest in Manipur till date and first in North East India. The college has also received an autonomous status by UGC Apart from the academic excellence, the college has received a number of accolades at national level in other extension activities It may be noted that the NSS unit 1 of the college and its programme officer received the best NSS programme officer for the year 2018 2019 presented by the President, Ram Nath Kovind.  The Red Ribbon club of the college was also recognized at National level and was awarded for the best red ribbon club. The DBC management, students, teaching and non-teaching staff in a statement has expressed happiness over the laurel achieved by its Principal



Diaconate ordination 

St. Thomas Minor Seminary, September 4, 2021: This day is a Red-letter day for the Archdiocese of imphal, as Archybishop Most Rev. Dominic Lumon DD.,  ordained two more deacons for the Archdiocese, Deacon Kreni Salew Joseph and Deacon Ringjuangam Kamei James at St. Thomas Minor Seminary. Dn. Kreni Salew Joseph hails from Punanamai village of St. Mary's Parish, Punanamai, and Dn. Ringjuangam James Kamei hails from Awangkhul Part II, of Assumption Parish Awangkhul. 

Hearty Congratulations to Rev. Fr. (Dr) Dilbung Anthony Avince
















Archbishop’s House, August 27, 2021: The Diocesan priests of the Archdiocese of Imphal, Manipur, heartily congratulates Rev. Fr. (Dr) Dilbung  Anthony Avince for successfully defending his Ph.D Thesis entitled “A Study on Academic Concern of Tribal Students of high Schools in Hill Districts of Manipur” on 4th August 2021, under the supervision of Dr. Lalzo S. Thangjom, Ass. Professor, Social Works Department, Jadunath Sarkar School of Social Sciences, Assam University, Silchar and on being conferred the Doctoral degree thereof.  Fr. (Dr) Dilbung Anthony Avince hails from New Chayang village. We wish Fr. Anthony Avince all the best in his future endeavors.

Newly Appointed Priests in the Archdiocese of Imphal, 2021  






Rev. Fr. Varghese Velickakam


Archbishop’s House, Imphal


Rev. Fr. Chennoth Sebastian SDB

Parish Priest

St. John Bosco Parish, Maram


Rev. Fr. Selvaraj Stanislaus SDB

Parish Priest

Mary Help of Christian Parish, Tamenglong


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The second wave of corona virus infection has been spreading fast. Patients who appeared normal are going out of control within an hour of developing dyspnoea (shortness of breath) and death is taking place within no time. Many patients are asymptomatic and they do not know that they are carrying virus.

The COVID- 19 Second Wave Pandemic cases are still on rise in India especially Northeast India and in particular Manipur touching 4 digits number per day. At this crucial moment, the Youth, Health and Social Service directors had a meeting along with Archbishop Dominic Lumon on 18th May 2021. During the meeting we unanimously decided to fight against Covid- 19 in collaboration with the Government of Manipur. There is a saying united we stand and divided we fall.  And it is really true when we think of our work as we collaborated with the government, other likeminded people and organisations the work was easy and fruitful.   

On 20th May 2021 we presented a letter to the Govt of Manipur expressing our whole hearted support to the Government for arresting the spread of COVID- 19 in our state.

On May 24th the Govt of Manipur gave their written reply saying that the Govt welcome our collaboration in working together to fight against the Pandemic. 

On 27th May 2021 we had the meeting in DSSS Imphal with heads of various commissions of the Archdiocese of Imphal and formed the Archdiocesan Covid Task Force (ACTF).

On May 29th Archbishop sent a Pastoral Letter asking for everyone’s cooperation and collaboration in order to stop the spread of Corona Virus in the state.

The Catholic Church planned to meet the Chief Minister of Manipur to discuss the matter personally with him. On 2nd June CM called the meeting of all FBO leaders together and thus we could participate in the meeting and share our concerns. In the meeting Fr. Varghese talked on behalf of the Catholic Church and presented the Action Plan of the Catholic Church to the CM.

In the meeting he decided to have a prayer service on Monday 7th June 2021, and 2 representatives of each faith were asked to join for the same at the western side of the Kangla Gate. Catholic Church was represented by our Chief Shepherd Most Rev. Dominic Lumon and Fr. Albert Leivon, the Youth Director.

On 6th July 2021, The National Health Mission (NHM) organised an Advocacy Program & Panel Discussion at DSSS on strengthening of vaccination in the state. Eminent doctors spoke on different topic about the pandemic and its prevention, Covid friendly behaviours and moreover on the need of vaccination. There was an open discussion after each talk and queries were answered. 

In order to plan out for the arrest of Covid- 19, we mobilize the people for their generous contribution and made some proposals to the agencies and few of them responded positively.

Activities Done by the ACTF

  1. We formed the Archdiocesan Covid Task Force (ACTF) for planning and implementing the actions to fight against the pandemic.
  2. Every parish to form a Covid Task Force under the umbrella of ACTF to arrest the spread of Covid- 19 virus.
  3. In order to raise local fund for the emergency assistance we created an Account in the name of - Archdiocesan Emergency Relief Fund.
  4. 52 infrastructures (Schools & institutions) offered to the Govt of Manipur for use such as Quarantine Centres, Isolation Centres as well as for the vaccination.
  5. Covid Ward with 40 beds in CMC was initiated in collaboration with the government.
  6. To set up 20 Isolation Centres in the far flung areas with the help of the Govt, villages and parishes (Parish priest, sisters and the faithful) which started functioning already.  
  7. Children’s Care Centres whose parents are affected in the remote villages are also in the pipe line if the need arises.
  8. Medical Kits for 40 villages where the Health Project are being implemented.
  9. Dry Ration supply for families affected by the pandemic will be also distributed.
  10. As per the agreement or the request from the government we have given 350 youth volunteers names to the govt for the emergency relief and for the awareness of Covid vaccination.
  11. 98 catholic doctors & nurses are made available for the vaccination as well as for the treatment and prevention of the pandemic. 
  12. 150 volunteers from the DSSS are being initiated in the villages for the awareness campaign on vaccination as well as for introducing and initiating the Covid friendly behaviours.
  13. Through the  support of the government we were able to distribute a lot of seeds and saplings like orange, lemon, ginger, turmeric, umrok (king chilli) etc for the people to plant during the Covid.
  14. We procured the organic products from the farmers in the interior places and made it available for the consumers in the cities.
  15. We reached out to the town outlets with food provisions like fruits and vegetables during lockdown.
  16. Through our staff in the field and in the office we encouraged the people to take precaution and go for test and vaccination.
  17. CMC Hospital Team and Youths went to several interior villages and administered the 1st Dose of Covidshield Vaccination.
  18. Report of the daily activities is being forecasted by Archdiocesan Communication & Media in charge Fr. Mark Thangkhan Ai and his team.

Catholic Church has made a great impact in the State of Manipur. We have made a good rapport with the Govt of Manipur, CSOs, IAG, and FBOs. In fact the Catholic Church is a nodal and model agency for the Govt of Manipur, FBOs and IAG. People far and wide have experienced our love for God and humanity at large.

We need to take all necessary steps to ensure that we are prepared well to face the challenges and threat posed by the growing pandemic of COVID-19 the Corona Virus. The most important factor in preventing the spread of the Virus locally is to empower the citizens with the right information and taking precautions as per the advisories being issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

How quickly we end the pandemic depends on how quickly and how fairly we vaccinate a significant proportion of the State population, and how consistently we all follow verified public health measures. So we all work together in harmony to stop corona virus in our state Manipur.

                                       PHOTO GALLERY








All together 20 isolations centers were provided with some essential materials. The things were entrusted to the District Administration, DC, CMO, Medical Department, Parish Priest and to the VA.





Mantripukhri,(MCYO Office) July 18, 2021: The Manipur Catholic Youth Organisation (MCYO) in collaboration with Catholic Medical Centre (CMC) Hospital, Koirengei  conducted a vaccination drive  at Noney District in a village named Nungnang Part II.

The vaccination drive was conducted after several rounds of meetings with the Director of CMC Hospital Father James Tangshel and the MCYO team. Furthermore discussions with the CMO of Imphal East District Dr. Indrani and CMO of Noney District Dr. Edwin Golmei and the District Immunization Officer Dr. Jendum Golmei of Noney District helped in successfully conducting the Vaccination Drive. The team consists of 12 members.  A total number of 65 villagers were vaccinated with 1st Dose of Covidshield vaccine. The team is grateful to our MCYO President Mr. Napoleon Rongmei, DFO Noney for the hospitality and for arranging the vehicles to reach the destination and also a heartful thanks to the DIO Dr. Jendum Golmei for his concern and assistance in accomplishing the vaccination drive.





Mantripukhri, (MCYO Office) July 22, 2021: Another vaccination drive was conducted at Taosang 2/Nungnang 2 under Noney district in collaboration with Catholic Medical Centre, Hospital. A total number of 205 people were vaccinated with the first dose of Covidshield vaccine. The MCYO team also handed a small amount to the elders of that village on account of “The World Grandparents day.”













Mantripukhri, (MCYO Office) July 23, 2021: In continuation of  Vaccination drive, MCYO had conducted  vaccination drive in collaboration with CMC Hospital at Taosang  2 and Nungnang 1 under Noney District. The team consisted of Doctors and nurses and the MCYO members. 68 people were vaccinated with the first dose of Covidshield vaccine.










Mantripukhri (MCYO office) August 13, 2021: The team had conducted vaccination drive in Laii village in joint collaboration with the PHC of Laii village under Senapati District. The village is situated in remote area, located near the boundaries of Nagaland. Due to lack of proper knowledge about the vaccination, many people refused to get vaccinated. It is disheartening to see the myth influence of the people about vaccination. Moreover, the Senapati District received the least vaccination. In view of the impending situation, MCYO team and PHC of Laii village voluntarily sensitized the people. However, the responses of the people were less and only 30 people were vaccinated.











Chingmeirong, August 29, 2021: Bible Sunday was celebrated at Mary Immaculate Church, Chingmeirong, led by Most Rev. Dominic Lumon D.D, Archbishop of Imphal.  The Sunday Mass was concelebrated by Fr. K.S Joseph, Parish Priest, Chingmeirong, Fr. Riji George, Director, Bible Commission, Fr. Mark Ai, Director, Radio Veritas and Fr. P.O Sebastian Sdb, Chingmeirong. In the homily, Archbishop exhorted the participants to draw strength from the word of God and enrich oneself and one another in building social fraternity.  

At the end of the Holy Mass, Prize distribution ceremony for the previously conducted Bible Copying competition was taken up. The winners were given cash award and Certificate by the Archbishop. We congratulate the participants and the winners of the competition. The winner names are given below:

Sl. No


Designation /Job


/Institutions  /Parish



Fiona   Beringsha

Catechism teacher

St. John Boaco Parish,  Senapati



M. Mu Singh

Asst. Teacher

Holy Cross, Kakching Khunou



Sr. Venes FCC

Rel. Sister

Mercy Home, St. Mary’s Parish, Tuibuong



Judith Haokip


Mercy Home,  St. Mary’s Parish, Tuibuang



W. Agnes Moyon

Gen Sec., Women Society

S.H, Heigruthampak, St. Paul’s, Pallel



Masanliu Emilia


DBHSS, Senapati, St. Mary’s Convent



Justina Lyngdoh


Clarist Home, Mantripukhri



Sr. Chantal FCC

Rel. Sister

Clarist Home, Imphal



James Thlengliana


Good Shepherd Parish, Ccpur



Dabrina Singson

Student, Cl-X

SFS, Kangpokpi


The New Bible Commission Team for the Archdiocese of Imphal

  1. Rev. Fr. Riji  George (Director)
  2. Rev. Fr. K S Joseph
  3. Rev. Sr. Chantal FCC
  4. Dr. C. Mathew Kamei
  5. Mrs. Martha Shilshi
  6. Miss Rita Zou

St. Thomas Seminary Annual Retreat, 2021

Imphal, August 28, 2021: A week-long Annual Spiritual Retreat 2021 for the minor seminarians of St. Thomas Seminary was held from 22-28 August 2021. The preacher for the Retreat, Rev. Fr. Mathias Dias, OFM (Cap), Superior of St. Francis Assisi Friary, Nongdam, Ukhrul District, led the 40 young seminarians to a meaningful and deeply personal spiritual festival. The retreat was marked by deep and meaningful Talks, prayerful Holy Eucharist and enriching Holy Adoration hours before the Blessed Sacrament, punctuated with beautiful singing. Learning of new hindibhajans besides popular Praise and Worship songs made the retreat a lively experience. From their part, the seminarians showed exemplary silence and extended good cooperation, without which the whole exercise would not have been as meaningful. The week-long spiritual exercise came to a meaningful end on Saturday morning, the 28th August, with the Thanksgiving Holy Eucharist presided over by His Grace Most Rev. Dominic Lumon. The community of St. Thomas Seminary praises God in gratitude for this singular opportunity of making the Retreat possible despite COVID pandemic. The community also acknowledges and expresses gratitude to the Archbishop, Priests and religious and all well-wishers for your prayerful and material support.

Monthly Recollection for the priests working in the Archdiocese of Imphal




St. Paul’s Retreat House, Mantripukhri, August 25, 2021: Monthly recollection for the month of August for the priests working in the Archdiocese of Imphal was held on this day. For the past 5 months normal routine was disrupted due to the continuous surging of the COVI-19 Pandemic second wave.  All together 73 priests turned up for the monthly recollection (Last Priests and nuns recollection was on 30th March 2021, Chrism Mass).

Archbishop Dominic Lumon gave a very inspiring talk on prayer; here is a gist of his talk:  Importance of prayer, our commitment to prayer and Prayer of Intercession. Archbishop stated, “The priest is above all a man of prayer, the man of God, despite the many activities that his pastoral charge imposes on him. Through his life of prayer, founded on the very prayer of Jesus, all his sacerdotal activity will be transfigured.” Pope Benedict XVI invites priests to put prayer back at the heart of their lives and their ministry... that priests discover and rediscover the importance of prayer.” Fidelity to prayer is a personal duty for the priest, daily mental prayer, visit to the Blessed Sacrament, the Rosary and the examination of conscience etc... The Church grows when the Church is committed to prayer. The vital sign of the growing Church is its commitment to prayer in personal, family, congregational and leadership level. St. Paul calls the Church at Colossian to come back to the basics of the Church such as worship, Word of God, Discipleship, Prayer and glorifying God.” 

Archbishop made an appeal to all the priests, sisters and faithful of the Archdiocese saying, “let every Parish/Institution make an hour of Eucharistic Adoration on every Saturday, beginning with September 2021.

Book Released on St. Dominic Guzman (Name feast of Archbishop) Feast Day

Archbishop's House, Imphal, August 8, 2021: A new book, The Path Of Life (Catholic Answer Book-3). Compiled and Edited by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Chelat has been released by His Grace Most Rev. Dominic Lumon DD, the Archbishop of Imphal.  Archbishop thanks Fr. Sebastian Chelat for his numerous contribution to the Church. Fr. Sebastian had produced many books such as: The Earthen Vessels, The Gift of Faith, Why we belief and what we believed and ’The path of Life.’ Like all other books which were very much useful, this latest book will serve our purpose in our catechizing especially in answering the questions, pertaining to our Catholic beliefs and practices.  The first copy was given to Rev. Fr. John Kashiiprii, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Imphal, followed by giving out a copy each to all who came for the festal dinner in honor of St. Dominic Guzman, the name feast of our Archbishop.  We Congratulate and thank Rev. Fr. Sebastian Chelat for his Good Work and Contribution to the Catholic Church, particularly in Manipur.    


St. Thomas Seminary, August, 8, 2021: Seven (7) seminarians for the Archdiocese of Imphal,( Geramy Mizo for the diocese of Aizawl), who have completed their studies and first stage of formation at St. Thomas Seminary Imphal, for batch of 2021, left for Chabua, for further formation.  They will go for 10 months Intensive Spiritual Orientation Course at Chabua, Assam. Their names are as follow: 1. Aaron Zingkhai Kumshang, 2. Bernard Shing, 3. David, 4. Aric Ningsem Ramthao 5. George Kansham 6. Lawrence Thangminlen 7. Maximilian Paominlen. Rev. Fr. Vialo Francis, the Rector of the St. Thomas Seminary will reach them to Dimapur railway station. Let us keep them in our prayers.

Imphal, August 3, 2021: The Diocesan Fraternity of Imphal (DFI), organized a “ZOOM ONLINE RECOLLECTION” on the eve of the Feast of St. John Marie Vianney, on the "Life and Spirituality of S. John Marie Vianney - the Diocesan way." The evening webinar was moderated by Rev. Fr. Francis Vialo, President of DFI. Rev.Fr. Joseph Thohrii, Secretary, DFI, welcomed and introduced the preacher of the evening recollection talk in the person of Rev. Vincent Aind, Bishop of Bagdogra, West Bengal. The opening hymn to the Holy Spirit imploring His anointing and wisdom was led by the Seminarians of St. Thomas Seminary, Mantripukhri.

Bishop Vincent Aind in his talk introduced St. John Marie Vianney as the model of all priests. He emphasized on his availability for the people especially in the confessional to offer forgiveness and his ever readiness to show solidarity to the penitent to the extent of doing more penance than the penitent. He highlighted St. Vianney's life as a person who lived a "Priestly" and "Pastoral" life whereby he made the church his first home.' He also reflected on his effectiveness in his preaching ministry creating a keen interest in the hearts of many people. "Everything best for God" was St. John Vianney's life. Bishop Vincent Aind reflected on the "Vianney Syndrome" and invited everyone to inculcate the positive syndrome rather than the negative syndrome. At the end of his talk, he thanked and extended a festal wishes and greetings to His Grace and all the priests of the Archdiocese on the feast of St. John Marie Vianney. Right after the recollection talk, Archbishop Dominic Lumon thanked the DFI executives for arranging the evening talk and call upon the priests to remain united among the priest fraternity and with the laity.

Rev. Fr. Athanasius Mung, Treasurer, DFI at the end thanked His Lordship. Rt. Rev. Vincent Aind for his readiness to meet and give talk to the Priests of Imphal Archdiocese and his very inspiring talk on the life and spirituality of St. John Marie Vianney. He also thanked Archbishop Dominic Lumon for his presence and all the priests for their availability as a fraternity and for the good participation. Altogether 63 priests were present for the recollection. The evening programme ended with festal wishes followed by the Archbishop's apostolic blessing.



Imphal, July 25, 2021: The Archdiocese of Imphal is blessed to have two newly Ordained Deacons.

1. Deacon Samuel is the son of Mr. Francis Thangminglian Naulak and Mrs. N. Rita Dongou from Singngat village under St. Thomas Parish Singngat.

     Deacon Samuel is the 2nd child of the six siblings (All are boys) 

2. Deacon Joseph Haumuonlian is the son of Mr. John Jangkhanmang and Mrs. Nielnuamching of Khollian village, under Assumption Parish Kholiian. He

    is the 2nd child of the seven siblings. Deacon Joseph has an elder brother, four younger brothers and a younger sister.   














Mantripukhri, July 25, 2021: The Manipur Catholic Youth Organisation in collaboration with CMC Hospital koirengei conducted 2 days vaccination drive in Taosang 2 and Nungnang 1 under Noney District.  A heartful thanks to the Director of CMC - Father James Tangshel for  giving us his full cooperation and providing the equipments needed and a doctor to come along with us.   And we are greatful to the District Immunization Officer - Dr. Jendum Golmei and his assistant for their  full support.   Last but not the least, we are also grateful to the wonderful villagers for welcoming us wholeheartedly and providing us a wonderful one night stay at Nungnang 1.    Thank you very much   Jessica Palmei Health and Medical Secretary, MCYO 



MANTRIPUKHRI, JULY 14, 2021: The 1st online webinar of 2021 was held on 14th July, 2021 at 5.30 pm. Fr. Linus Neli moderated the meeting. The meeting began with a prayer led by Fr. Regi, Parish priest, St. John Bosco parish, Senapati. Fr. Francis Vialo, the president of DF, Imphal welcomed all the participants and thanked each for joining the fraternal meeting in spite of their busy scheduled.

Fr. (Dr.) Stephen Touthang, President, Catholic Education Society, Manipur (CESM) the resource person of the day  presented the paper “Education through Covid-19 Pandemic”  where he emphasized on the steps that will help for the present education system such as Online class, Familiarity with e-learning and Teaching apps, Discipline management during online class and Digital /Cyber ethics. He also minutely presented the efficiency of teacher in online teaching and evaluation system of online class. He also highlighted about the difficulties of online class in the rural areas.

In regard to the paper presented, several views were expressed. Fr. Joy K.D and Fr. Stanis Khup expressed the concern of financial constrain for parents to cope up with digital and online class in backward areas. Fr. Varghese Velickakam pointed out the need for updating the online education system with new apps and experts in digital learning. He also emphasised the need of Counsellors who will be available in an online mode for our students.

Fr. Biju Luckose, Director, Diocesan Social Service Society (DSSS), Mantripukhri and Fr. James Tangshel, Director, Catholic Medical Centre (CMC), Koirengei presented the works done so far in the Social service wing and Medical wing of the Archdiocese. Fr. Albert Leivon, Director, Manipur Catholic Youth Organisation (MCYO) briefly highlights the undertaking of the youths during this pandemic.

Most Rev. Dominic Lumon, the Archbishop in his exhortation emphasized the need for taking vaccine at this hour. He also appreciated all the priests who in their own capacity are reaching out to the people in their pastoral work during this pandemic.

Fr. Francis Vialo, the DF president announced that the annual Vianney day celebration, 2021 stands cancelled due to the pandemic. Fr. Thohrii Joseph, the Secretary proposed the vote of Thanks.

The Zoom meeting was participated by 46 priests and it concluded at 7.15 pm.  A special thanks to Fr. Albert Leivon for hosting the zoom meeting and the technical monitoring during the meeting.


Archbishop's House, Imphal, July 17, 2021: St. Joseph's Parish, Sugnu, recieves a newly purchased vehicle. The newly bought vehicle was blessed by Most Rev. Dominic Lumon DD., Archbishop of Imphal, in the presence of Rev. Fr. Dale Joseph, Financial Administrator, Rev. Fr. Victor Arulappan, Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Samuel Dilbung Assistant Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Roy Joseph, Mission incharge of Chapikarong, Rev. Fr. Solomon Thezii and Rev. Sr. Mary Tono FCC. 



Archbishop's House, Imphal, July 16, 2021: Mary Help of Christian Parish, Ukhrul recieves a newly purchased vehicle. the newly bought vehicle was blessed by Most Rev. Dominic Lumon DD., Archbishop of Imphal, in the presence of REv. Fr. Dale Joseph, Financial Administrator, Rev. Fr. Philip Rei, Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Isaac Matesou, Vice Principal of St. Joseph's College, Ukhrul, Rev. Fr. Mark Kumshang, Secretary to Archbishop. 


DSSS, Imphal, July 6, 2021: A two days advocacy programme on COVID-19 vaccination was held in Imphal, the first on 05 July was hosted by MBC and the second on 06 July was hosted by the Archdiocese of Imphal through the good offices of DSSS. At least on three occasions the state administration has wooed Faith Based Organizations (FBO) to come to the forefront in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Church leaders today have a tremendous role to play in widening the awareness on vaccination. The church is now said to be one of the most important platforms to build this awareness and get church members vaccinated at the earliest. 
The two programmes were myth busters in as much as myths about the vaccine was busted by scientificalloy proving the health benefits of the vaccine injection. The situation is grimmer in the hills partly due to paucity of awareness programmes compared to the plain areas.  
The programme started at 10.30 AM and lasted till 3.00 PM with an hour of break for lunch. The themes exposed included Overview of COVID-19 pandemic in the state by Dr.Kh.Sasheekumar Mangang, Add. Director, MD, DHS. Then came the Importance of COVID Vaccination by Dr.N,Shyamjai, State Mission Director on Vaccination. 
The Myths and Facts of COVID-19 Vaccination was handled by Dr.Jubilee Wahengban of State COVID-19 Community Engagement. This made an interesting session with lots of reactions and questions. It was a most interactive session. 
Flyers were distributed free of cost. In all 40 participants came for the programme and all went back determined to motivate people to take the jab.  
Archbishop Dominic Lumon in his welcome note stressed that the church along with all the commissions in the diocese stand with the democratically elected state administration to collaborate with whatever resource the diocese has to combat COVIT-19. With Catholic Medical Centre, CMC College of Nursing, Diocesan Social Service Society and the task force being formed the Catholic Church has come in a big to support the state machinery to defeat the pandemic. Among other things he said, he stressed that “we are here to strengthen the state’s effort to vaccinate the people through Faith Based Organization” which the state has invited to collaborate with. “We are also aware of the misinformation that come through various social media platforms. From now we look for a new normalcy” he concluded. 


Nungba, June 25, 2021: A wonderful response from the faithful, the parishioners/local Church members of Nungba responded whole heartedly for the construction of the sisters convent at Nungba. The Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians (MSMHC) who have opted to collaborate with the Archdiocese of Imphal and work for the people of the area, under St. John's Parish Nungba. They were put up in the school for stay and have been there  for more then a decade. Having known that the Archdiocese is willing to start the building for the sisters, the local church members voluntarily came and helped in casting the first floor of the building.  


DSSS, Imphal, June 25, 2021: Manipur Organic Mission Authority (MOMS) provides trucks load of planting materials such as Ginger and Raja Chilli (Umrok/bhut Jalukia) to the Diocesan Social Service Society (DSSS)a nodal agency of MOMA Government of Manipur. DSSS had been hectically engaged for couple of months distributing the planning materials to the remote villages of hill districts of Manipur so that the lockdown villagers due to the pandemic COVID 19 be actively engaged in agriculture activities and be saved from the boredom of this lockdown period. DSSS also was fully engaged in collecting vegetables and fruits of the farmers of the hill districts in collaboration with MOMA and sold to the urban dwellers in Imphal and other cities of Manipur. The farmers were provided a handsome price for their produces and thus helped them to find suitable market. At this troubling time this reach out program under the aegis of MOMA Govt. Manipur did immense good to the suffering farmers. It is an yeoman’s service did by the MOMA and DSSS.


CMC, KOIRENGEI, IMPHAL, JUNE 25, 2021: Admission notification for the Academic Session 2021-2022 for CMC College of Nursing, (Unit of Catholic Medical Centre, Koirengei was announced today by the Director of the institute, Rev. Fr. James Thangshell. Applications are invited for the B.SC Noursing Course and the last date of form submission is 31st July 2021. 

DSSS Reaching out COVID-19 treatment materials Purul PHC 

Mantripukhri June 23, 2021: A Bolero pickup laden with COVID treatment materials left for Purul at 9.30 AM as part of DSSS’s continued effort to reach at least 20 identified centres in the Archdiocese of Imphal. This is the fourth trip. The materials range from oxygen concentrators to cots, mattress, bedsheet, pillows, pillow case, towel, dustbin, Dettol soap, turmeric, rice, phyneal, handwash, thermometer, oximeter, vaporizer, oxygen cylinder with accessories, PPE kit, sanitizer, vicks, paracetamol, limcee, and azithromycin. These materials have been entrusted to the parish health centre (dispensary) that will serve as isolation centre. DSSS had earlier solicited assistance from agencies, individuals and institutions countrywide and response is being received. From Manipur government, a set of 30 oxygen concentrators had earlier been given to the COVID friendly Ward in Catholic Medical Centre, Koirengei.  
The diocese had earlier made known to the state administration a list of action plans to be executed by the diocesan task force towards control of COVID-19 pandemic as part of its contribution to the state’s effort for control and end this epidemic. Today’s relief trip was accompanied by George Mingthing, assistant director of DSSS. The photos below were sent by him  from Purul as soon as the materials were unloaded and handed over to the parish. They were warmly received by the fathers, sisters and lay leaders there. 

Diocesan Social Service Society on a COVID Mission, Reaching Relief materials to different COVID-Centres.

Mantripukhri, June 21, 2021:  DSSS is on the move each passing day to various centres of the diocese that were earmarked by the diocese during a meeting of Faith-based Organizations with the Chief Minister Shri N.Biren Singh on 02 June, 2021. The archbishop, Most Rev.Dominic Lumon had earlier written to the Deputy Secretary (Health & FW) and made mention of these centres, including schools, community halls and hostels that could be the hub of COVID affected patients and also as centres for psychological support to children and parents affected by the pandemic.  The task force that was formed is now shouldered by DSSS constitutes the main task force while volunteers including sisters and lay leaders will assist the isolation and treatment centres. At DSSS, Fr.Biju Lukose, with logistic support by Fr.Varghese Vellickakam, former director of DSSS and their team are on the prowl, identifying affected and infected areas in the state and providing the materials necessary for isolation centres.  
Concretely, the diocese’s social service centre is providing on the spot, cots, mattresses, pillows, pillow cases, oxygen concentrators, ventilators and other equipments. These materials are provided for those who are isolated in the space provided by the parish, be it school, hostel or community centres. So far, Monshangpanta and Bendramei have been covered. DSSS team is on the move to provide these materials that are required in the isolation centres. The content of the first truck load is already being carried to these centres. In Bendramei, the team was accompanied by Dr.Matthew Kamei, president of AMCU as part of the task force. It may be mentioned that Dr.Matthew Kamei was part of the diocesan team that met the CM on 02 June as part of the diocesan task force. They made known to the CM what the diocese intended to do which the CM deeply appreciated.  


St. Paul's Retreat House, Mantripukhri, June 19, 2021: Mass and masked Vaccination Campaign held at Retreat House As part of its continued effort to combat COVID-19 pandemic, Catholic Medical Centre, Koirengei today conducted a mass vaccination programme at Retreat House Jubilee Memorial Hall at 10.00 Am which went on to 2.45 PM. Altogether 130 people were vaccinated among whom were fathers, sisters, domestic workers in institutions and parishes and others. There was internet disruption which delayed the injections. This was like an annex of CMC so that those around in and around Mantripukhri could be vaccinated. Some came from as far as Chingjaroi. Interestingly and due to hearsay, there is still much fear and hesitation to receive the vaccine. Jab hopefuls queue to register. The vaccination programme was orderly while the paramedics from CMC came on time to arrange the logistics while those who came strictly kept SOP. Retreat House premises provide a most friendly and cordial atmosphere for all those who came for injection. Senior most were Fr.Joseph Mattam, Fr.Matthew Tharakan followed by Fr.P.X Francis. Congrats to CMC team for their dedicated service to extend their service past their own premises in Koirengei.

Churachandpur College Laying the Foundation Stone. 

Churachandpur, June 18, 2021: Archbishop Dominic Lumon lays foundation stone for college in Phailian, Churachandpur. The much awaited college in Phailian, Churachandpur has at last materialised today, 19th June, 2021. Archbishop Dominic Lumon, DD, Archbishop of Imphal laid the foundation stone of the college in the presence of priests and religious who were present there. It’s a matter of pride for the parishioners of Good Shepherd Parish, Churachandpur and of course, for the people of downtown Churachandpur. The photos below show the Archbishop blessing the foundation stone and making the first fill of the corner stone followed by Rev.Fr.Robert Somi, Fr. Jacob Chapao and others.


DSSS, IMPHAL, JUNE 17, 2021: Relief materials are being loaded on to the Imphal bound truck from Guwahati. DSSS Imphal is expecting the materials to arrive here by tomorrow evening and then these materials to be dispatched to around 20 isolation centres and children’s care centres in different parts of Manipur. A meticulous implementation plan is being worked out by the Archdiocesan COVID-19 Task force headed by Fr. Biju Luckose, the director of DSSS Imphal.These materials include 200 beds, mattress, bed sheets, pillows, dustbins and essential medicines. 

Other medical apparatus meant for these centres like oxygen cylinders, personal protective appliances, oximeters, inhalers and other consumables are being procured from Imphal market.

A bit of delay has occurred in opening up the isolation centres due to the hurdles in receiving the fund resulting in the recent amendments and regulations in FCRA and the shifting of the receiving bank account to Delhi SBI main branch. Meanwhile an Indian Foundation based in Bangalore has come forward to extend their helping hands to carry out this endeavour. Also we are happy to mention that some individual donations are falling to the archdiocesan relief fund. We hope many more such generous donations will emerge in the days to come. Let God bless the cheerful giver.       


Imphal, June 7, 2021 : Ecumenical Prayer Meeting held at Kangla West Gate at the behest of the Chief Minister, Shri N.Biren Singh. The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Manipur, Shri N. Biren Singh in an earlier meeting with representatives of various Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) had proposed a day of inter-faith prayer on 07 June, 2021 in order to pray for end of COVID-19 second wave. Accordingly the prayer programme was held today, 07 June at 10.00AM with the following representatives:

      Archbishop Dominic Lumon, on behalf of the Catholic Church gave a brief message and said a prayer. All the above mentioned faith representatives said a prayer each with a brief message along with the prayer. The archbishop was accompanied by Fr. Albert Leivon, MCYO Director in his capacity as Secretary to All Manipur Christian Organization (AMCO).

     Breaking the first word as the prayer session began, the Hon'ble CM said that people usually pray to the Almighty for His blessings when they go through hard times as it gives them mental peace and hope. Stating that the world has been badly affected by the pandemic and Manipur is no exception, Hon'ble CM said that the total number of deaths in the State is now over 800 and the number of active cases has also already crossed 9000 mark. As such, Hon'ble CM said, he felt the necessity of an interfaith prayer for all religions as it would bring unity and oneness amongst different communities to jointly fight the pandemic with spiritual strength.

Diaconate Ordination of Dn. Augustine Malangmeih Suambungreih 


  St. Thomas Seminary, Imphal, June 6, 2021: On this Solemn occasion of Corpus Christi, Br. Augustine Malangmeih Suambungrei son of Mr. Philip Malangmeih Roubiyang and Mrs. Christina Kalanngaliu Malangmeih from M. Khunou village, under st. John's Parish,  Nungba. Dn. Augustine voluntarily opted to work for the people in the Diocese of Itanagar, Assam. He is doing his third year theology in St. Joseph's Seminary, Mangalore, Karnataka. Diaconate Ordination could have been in the Seminary but this year due to the contineous spread of Coronavirus, 


Diocesan Social Service Society on a COVID Mission prowl 
DSSS is on the move each passing day to various centres of the diocese that were earmarked by the diocese during a meeting of Faith-based Organizations with the Chief Minister Shri N.Biren Singh on 02 June, 2021. The archbishop, Most Rev.Dominic Lumon had earlier written to the Deputy Secretary (Health & FW) and made mention of these centres, including schools, community halls and hostels that could be the hub of COVID affected patients and also as centres for psychological support to children and parents affected by the pandemic.  The task force that was formed is now shouldered by DSSS constitutes the main task force while volunteers including sisters and lay leaders will assist the isolation and treatment centres. At DSSS, Fr.Biju Lukose, with logistic support by Fr.Varghese Vellickakam, former director of DSSS and their team are on the prowl, identifying affected and infected areas in the state and providing the materials necessary for isolation centres.  
Concretely, the diocese’s social service centre is providing on the spot, cots, mattresses, pillows, pillow cases, oxygen concentrators, ventilators and other equipments. These materials are provided for those who are isolated in the space provided by the parish, be it school, hostel or community centres. So far, Monshangpanta and Bendramei have been covered. DSSS team is on the move to provide these materials that are required in the isolation centres. The content of the first truck load is already being carried to these centres. In Bendramei, the team was accompanied by Dr.Matthew Kamei, president of AMCU as part of the task force. It may be mentioned that Dr.Matthew Kamei was part of the diocesan team that met the CM on 02 June as part of the diocesan task force. They made known to the CM what the diocese intended to do which the CM deeply appreciated.  


21 young boys and girls received the Sacrament of Confirmation on the Pentecost Sunday 23rd May 2021, administered by Most Rev. Dominic Lumon DD., Archbishop of Imphal at St. Paul Retreat House, Mantripukhri, Imphal ,

St. Paul's Retreat House, Mantripukhri, Imphal, May 23, 2021: On this solemn occasion of the Holy Pentecost Sunday, 21 young boys and girls recieved the sacrament of Confirmation, administered by Archbishop Dominic Lumon DD.  Three children recieved their First Holy Communion on this day.                                             

                                                     PRIESTLY ORDINATION 

St. Joseph Cathedral, Imphal, December 29, 2022: Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic, the Archdiocese of Imphal, headed by Most Rev. Dominic Lumon, Archbioshop of Imphal have decided to have a common Ordination for all the Deacons for the year 2020-2021. This decision was taken after much discussions by the college of consultors and /senate Members, taking into serious consideration of the prevailing situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic. They were 9 Deacons and 7 of them ordained on 29th December 2020. Their name, Home Parish and the village are given below: 

Sl. No  Name  Congre/Diocese  Home Parish  Village 
1 Dn. Standfort  MSFS Holy Rosary Parish, Purul  Purul 
2 Dn. John Pouveiche  Diocesan  St. Dominic Savio Parish, Tungjoy  Tungjoy 
3 Dn. Augustine Anal  SDB St. Dominic Mission Centre, Lamphoupasana Lamphaocheru 
4 Dn. Peter Anal  Holy Cross CSC -------- ------
5 Dn. Anthony  MSFS St. John's Parish, Nungba  Nungba 
6 Dn. Lucas Shangva  SDB Holy Spirit Parish, Longbi  Khamasom 
7 Dn. Louis Sunbeam  Diocesan  Christ King Parish, Chingjaroi  Chingjaroi 

8. Dn. Pheigathuiapou Gangmei SJ got ordained on 30th December 2020 at St. Ignatius Parish, Bishnupur, his home Parish, and 

9. Dn. Timothy Gangmei from Mary Help of Christian Parish, Tamenglong got ordained  at Rome, due to the prevailing situation of Covid-19, movement became very difficult so his superiors decided him to be ordained at Rome. 

                     GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATION:

According to Catholic Church History, the Catholic Faith came to Manipur in 1956. This is the Canonical Erection of the Catholic Church in Manipur. Grand celebration was held at Archdiocese on May 9th 2017. There were about 2000 participants of laity, priests and nuns. It begun with the Holy Mass at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Mantripukhri, Imphal Manipur. It was followed by beautiful cultural programs. All the missionary pioneers and provincial superiors of all religious congregations working in the Archdiocese of Imphal were given mementos of the Golden Jubilee as an acknowledgement for their missionary contribution.

There was artistic power point presentation as designed by Rev. Fr. John Khongsai. It was very much appreciated by all the participants. The same PPT shall be displayed here shortly. This was followed by sumptious meal for all and departure thereafter.  


2016 flood, earthquake and landslide was worst disasters that ever visited the state of Manipur in our own time. In 2017 the flood situation and landslide situation were grim but less damages were caused when compared to 2016 incidents. CASA adopted about 200 familes and given them some rice. IGSSS also did something. Major junk of humanitarian relief services were given by

a) Oxfam India 

b) Goonj India

c) Caritas India

d) Spear India


All of us came through same door and exit the same door. Decent burial is a human right. Denial of burial ground is denial of Human Right. Mrs. Rita of Leingangching village at Litan in Ukhurl district died on 9th August 2017. But she was denied of Christian burial ground by her village authority because she became Catholic. She is the third person who died from this Leingangching Tangkhul village. 

All the Catholic schools in the state of Manipur were shut down on 11/8/2017 in protest against this human right (Christian Burial ground). All the Catholics led by priests and nuns protested silently. This is injustice.