Vision & Mission

The Archdiocese of Imphal is a Catholic Charitable organization in the state of Manipur and for the state of Manipur. It is hierarchical in nature, strongly compact, well knit together according to the teaching of Jesus Christ, the Holy Catholic Church founded on St. Peter, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, in accordance with the tradition and teaching of our fore fathers and doctors of the Church. It has the following Vision and Mission Statement. 

Our Vision

Salvation for all through establishment of God's Kingdom, God's Reign and God's Love to all creation alike with no distinction

Our Mission 

Ordained to be a priest forever by leaving behind our loved ones at home, give up all that is Earthly, be fed daily with the Precious Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and step out of our comfort zones to love and to serve all humanity till our last breath. 

Our Objectives

  • To love and serve all people alike with special preference to the poor, needy, the marginalized and differently able people 
  • To stablize the society through best value ridden education; to mould and to shape every child freely or at minimal charges
  • To walk extra mile with every individual and even give our coats and even our lives as and when the noble need arises 
  • To let the value of the Gospel be known and spread through our lives, through our deeds and through our words
  • To deny ourselves all that is too Earthly inorder to serve the humanity better

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