Annual Planner

The Archdiocese of Imphal has annual acivity program which is circulated at the beginning of every annual calendar year. It is circulated to all parishes, schools and convents. It miticulously conducts the envisaged programs. Below is given the annual activity plan for 2021.

JANUARY  DAY  ACTIVITY                     



Feast of Mary Mother of God & World Day of Peace

03 Sunday

St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara (CMC Sisters)

06 Wednesday  Recollection for Brothers in Regency at 5.30 p.m.
13 Wednesday  Recollection for Priests at 5.30 p.m.
18 Monday

Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Mathew Vellilakatt

Christian Unity Week (18-25)

24 Sunday

St. Francis de Sales (Feast of MSFS

Daughters of St. Francis De Sales (DSFS) 

26 Tuesday Republic Day of India
27 Wednesday St. Angela Merici (Feast of UFS) 
29 Friday Ven. Bp. Joseph Kurialassery   (SABS Sisters)
30 Saturday  Last Day to submit the Annual Statistics to the Chancery office 
31 Sunday  St. John Bosco (Feast of the Salesians of Don Bosco)
1-6 Mon-Saturday  Training for Parish/ School Accountants 
03 Wednesday

Recollection for Brothers in Regency at 5.30 p.m.

06 Saturday  Priestly Ordination Anniversary of Archbishop Dominic Lumon
10 Wednesday  Recollection for Priests at 5.30 p.m.
13 Saturday 

CMC Sisters Foundation Day

APC Executive Committee Meeting - 9.30 a.m.

17  Wednesday  ASH WEDNESDAY (Day of fast and abstinance from meat) 
18 Thursday 

Death Anniversary of Fr. T.J. Chacko 

20 Wednesday World Day of Social Justice
26 Friday 

Priests’ Senate Meeting at 9.30 a.m

St. Joaquina De Vedruna  (CCV  Foundation Day)

03 Wednesday Recollection for Brothers in Regency 5.30 p.m
05 Friday 

Consulters meeting at 9.30 00 qm 

08 Monday International Women’s Day
15 Monday St. Louis de Marillac (Feast of Daughters of Charity, DC)
17 Wednesday  Finance Committee Meeting at 9.30 a.m
19 Friday 

Feast of St. Joseph, the Patron of the Archdiocese

Feast Day of Archbishop Joseph Mittathany

Feast of Sisters of St. Joseph of San Marc (SJSM) 

Feast of St. Joseph Annecy, (SJA Sisters)

25 Thursday  Annunciation of the lord (Solemnity) (Bethany Sisters)
28 Sunday  Palm Sunday 
30  Tuesday  Priesthood Day ( A joint recollection for Priests and Religious at 9.30.00 am 
01 Thursday  Holy Thursday 
02 Friday  Good Friday
03 Saturday  Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil
4 Sunday

Easter Sunday 

7 Wednesday 

Episcopal Ordination Anniversary of Most Rev. Dominic Lumon 

11 Sunday Divine Mercy Sunday
14 Wednesday  Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Jeyaseelan Lazar 
21 Wednesday  Anniversary of the Erection of the Diocese of Imphal
23 Friday  Priestly Ordination Anniversary of Archbishop Joseph Mittathany
29 Monday Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Mathew Manianchira
30 Tuesday Last date to submit School & Parish Accounts to Economer
01 Wednesday

St. Joseph, the Worker (May Day)  

Recollection for Brothers in Regency at 5.30 p.m

08 Wednesday Recollection for Priests at 5.30 p.m.
12 Sunday

St. Dominica Mazzarello (Feast of FMA)

Vocation Sunday (Collection for Seminarians)

15 Wednesday

International Day of Families

Death Anniversary of Frs. Raphael Paliakara SDB, Andreas Kindo SDB & Bro. Shinu SDB

18 Saturday Sts. B. Capitanio & V. Gerosa (Feast of the sisters of Charity, SCCG)
23 Thursday Foundation Day of Sacred Heart Congregation.
24 Friday Mary Help of Christians (Feast of MSMHC)
30 Sunday  The Holy Trinity Sunday 
31 Monday

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Feast)

Feast : Visitation Sisters of Don Bosco  (VSDB) 

Last Date to Submit the Lenten Collections

01 Tuesday  Birthday of Archbishop Dominic Lumon DD.,
02 Wednesday Recollection for Brothers at 5.30 p.m.
05 Saturday

World Environment Day

APC General Body Meeting at 10.00 am 

06 Sunday

Corpus Christi (Body and Blood of Christ) 

Congregational Feast of SABS  (Sisters of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament)

09 Wednesday

Recollection for Priests at 5.30 p.m.

11 Friday  Sacred Heart of Jesus (Feast : Sacred Heart sisters, SH)
12 Saturday Immaculate Heart of Blessed Virgin 
15 Tuesday Domestic Workers’ Day
21-26 Mon-Sat Days set aside for Retreat for Priests (tentative)
29 Tuesday 

Feast ; Sts. Peter and Paul

Anniversary of the Installation of Archbishop Joseph Mittathany

Last date to submit Vocation Sunday Collections

30 Wednesday  Congregation Feast: Daughters of St. Paul
01 Thursday  Foundation Day of Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles (SRA)
03 Saturday  St. Thomas (Feast of St. Thomas Minor Seminary)
5-10 Monday-Saturday Days set aside for Retreat for Regent Brothers (Tentative)
12 Monday

Anniversary of the Installation of Archbishop Dominic Lumon as the Archbishop of Imphal

Birthday of Archbishop Joseph Mittathany

8-13 Mon-Sat Days set aside for Retreat for Brothers (Tentative)
16 Friday 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Feast)

Congregational Feast of CMC

Congregational Feast : Bethany Sisters 

19-24 Monday- Saturday Days set aside for Retreat for Catechists (tentative)
31 Saturday  St. Ignatius of Loyola (Feast of the Society of Jesus)
01 Sunday Anniversary of the Elevation of the Diocese to Archdiocese in 1995
04 Wednesday

St. John Mary Vianney (Patron of Parish Priests)

DF Day Celebration

08 Sunday St. Dominic (Feast Day of Archbishop Dominic Lumon)
11 Wednesady

Priests'Recollection at 5.30 pm 

St. Clare (Feast )

Congregational Feast of  FCC

International Youth Day

12 Monday International Youth Day
15 Sunday Indian Independence Day (Assumption of Bld. Virgin Mary)
22 Sunday Queenship of Mary (Feast of the Missionaries of Charity, MC)
28 Saturday Feast of Carmelite Sisters of Charity, Vedruna, CCV
29 Thursday St. Euphrasia, (CMC)
30 Friday Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Shaji Sebastian
01 Wednesday  Recollection for Brothers in Regency at 
05 Sunday 


St. Teresa of Kolkata 

05 Thursday  
08 Wednesday

Feast Day of the Sisters of Charity SCCG 

Priests Recollectio at 5.30.00 pm 

14 Tuesday  Exaltation of the Cross (Feast of the Sisters of Mercy of the Cross of Chavanod SCC
15  Wednesday  Our Lady of Sorrows (Feast of the Holy Cross Sisters, CSC) 
21 Tuesday  Internation Day of Peace
27  Monday

Episcopal Ordination of Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Mittathany

FEast of St. Vincent de Paul, Congregational Feast of Vincentian Fathers and Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. 

30  Thursday  Foundation Day of MSFS 
02  Saturday  Feast of Guardian Angel, Gandhi Jayanti (International Day of non-violence) 
04 Monday  St. Feast of Assisi (Feast of FCC, OFM Cap, and UFS
06 Wednesday  Recollection for Regent Brothers at 5.30 00 pm 
09 Saturday  APC Executive Meeting 
11 Monday  International Day of the Girl Child 
15 Friday  Priests Recollection at 5.30.00 pm 
15-18 Fri-Monday Archdiocesan Vocation Camp
16 Saturday  Finance Committee Meeting 
17  Sunday  World Mission Sunday (Special collection for Mission
20 Wednesday  St. Ursula (FEast of UFS) 
22 Friday  Priests'Senate meeting 
23 Saturday APC, General Body Meeting 
01 Monday  All Saints Day
02 Tuesday  All Souls Day 
03 Wednesday  REcollection for Brothers in Regency 
10 Wednesday  Consulters Meeting 
14 Sunday  Children's Day 
17 Wednesday  Priests Recollection 
18 Thursday 

Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. M.C John 

Mass for our departed Clergy and Religious at 6.30.00 am 

21 Sunday 

Feast of Christ the King 

Foundation Day of SCCG

22  Monday  Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. P.C. Mani Immanuel 
26 Friday  Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Mathew Plathottam 
28  Sunday  Communio India Sunday 
30 Tuesday  Last date to submit Mission Sunday Collection 
01 Wednesday 

Recolllection for Brothers in Regency

World AIDS Day  

02 Thursday  Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Shajan Jacob 
03 Friday 

St. Francis Xavier, Patron of India 

International Day of people with disability 

08 Wednesday 

Immaculate Conception (Feast Day of MSI & SMMI

Priests Recollection 

Finance Committee Meeting 

10 Friday  International Human Rights Day 
19  Sunday  Anniversary of the Dedication of St. Joseph's Cathedral 
25 Saturday  Nativity of the Lord, Christmas Day 
31 Friday  Thanksgiving Adoration in St. Joseph's Cathedral at 4.30.00 pm